Diabolo Tricks

Welcome to the Diabolo Tricks DataBase.

Here you can find a comprehensive collection of new and old diabolo tricks for beginner and advanced diabolists alike. Each trick is well explained with a tutorial video and a textual description.
Diabolo Tricks is made with the idea to collect all diabolo tricks known by the diabolo community. You can find tricks fro one, two, three or even more diabolos! To suggest a new trick write an email to us to trick at diabolo-tricks.co.uk.

Choose a trick category or “element” from the top┬ámenu then select a trick. Each trick can have another trick opening from it, which trick is a more difficult one requiring the knowledge of the trick that is opening from. The knowledge of the more basic tricks are not always necessary, but following the path from basic to advanced you can learn the most difficult trick step-by-step with ease.

Please come back later to be up to date with diabolo events and happenings in London, UK, Europe or around the world. Any questions or suggestions please contact us on info at diabolo-tricks.co.uk

Have fun!
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